San Jose Screen Door Repair

Denise Corby | 07/10/14

Pet lovers are special people who would do anything for their pets.

Andrew Blair | 07/10/14

If the wind has blown out your screens, we can fix them for you.

Angela Marison | 07/10/14

Worn out screens can make your house look old. You don't want mosquitoes or gnats to come in through your screens.

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Dorthy Beale | 07/10/14

If you want to improve the look of your home, let us show you a better looking screen.

Alissa Kono | 07/08/14

Our screen repair is guaranteed just like our brand new screens.

Brenda Budzynski | 07/07/14

If you have a cottage at the lake, you need to be sure your screens don't have holes that let in the bugs. Some older homes have wooden frames on their screens.

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Daniel Mazewski | 07/06/14

If you want black mesh in your screens, we can do that for you. If you have old metal screen material that is rusty, we can replace it for you.

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Debbie Courtney | 07/06/14

If your screen frames are ruined, we can replace them on site. Be sure to check for small holes in your screens where tiny bugs can get in.

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Amanda Kirk | 07/06/14

If you want a screen door with a pet door in it, just let us know.

Angela Przywara | 07/05/14

Warped window screens will make your house look bad and let in the bugs. We have all the tools you need if you want to do your own screen repairs.

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Angela Gangitano | 07/04/14

If you live in a wooded area, be sure to check your screens often for slits and holes.

Bonnie Dana | 07/04/14

If you have a pet with claws, you probably need to have some screen repairs done.

Doreen Tinsley | 07/04/14

Retractable screens are very popular these days.

Edelen Stevens | 07/04/14

The best thing about using our screen repairmen is that we come to you.

Austin White | 07/02/14

We have trucks that will come to your home and repair or replace your screens in a matter of hours.

Brenda Schweitzer | 07/02/14

If you'd like sliding screen doors made, we can do that for you.

Ashley Vaughn | 06/30/14

If you store you screens in the garage and they got damaged during the winter, we can fix them for you.

Amanda Coe | 06/29/14

There is a special bug mesh that can be put on screens to prevent bugs from coming in. We are professionals when it comes to rebuilding screens and screen doors.

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Daniel Haight | 06/28/14

If you have metal frames on your current screens, we can replace them with new ones for you.

Brooke Blake | 06/28/14

Some people have odd shaped windows and can't find ready made screens to fit them.

Angela Ashton | 06/26/14

We guarantee that the screens we build for you will fit perfectly.

Carrie Hansen | 06/26/14

We offer screen doors for sale and window screen replacements.

Cheryl Slay | 06/26/14

Before you sell your home, let us repair all your tattered screens.

Dreama Powell | 06/26/14

We guarantee all our screens and frames.

Cherie Altevers | 06/24/14

Even if you paint your house and trim, old and tattered screens will make your house look bad.

Andrew Mowrer | 06/24/14

Solar screens can help you save money and keep your home cooler.

Ariane Missimer | 06/24/14

A pet guard screen will protect your window screens from being broken through by your pets.

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