San Jose Screen Door Repair

Fleeta Chapman | 03/03/15

Be sure to check for small holes in your screens where tiny bugs can get in.

Connie Yancey | 03/02/15

Solar screens can help you save money and keep your home cooler. If your kids broke through your screen door while playing, we can come and repair it for you.

Amelia Fisher | 02/28/15

If you open the windows on opposite sides of your home, you will get a nice cross breeze through your screens.

Debbie Paules | 02/26/15

You can choose the color of the frames and the screening materials.

Alicia Johnson | 02/24/15

We offer screen doors for sale and window screen replacements.

George Harris | 02/22/15

You can increase the value of your home before you sell it by updating your window screens and doors. Retractable screens are very popular these days.

Darryl Thornton | 02/20/15

We have trucks that will come to your home and repair or replace your screens in a matter of hours.

Alison Ostman | 02/18/15

You can check out the screen door reviews on our website.

Edward Finderson | 02/18/15

Warped window screens will make your house look bad and let in the bugs.

Donald Janovsky | 02/18/15

Using screens to air out your home is a good idea.

Debbie Smith | 02/16/15

If screen doors did not come with your home, we can build them for you.

Cheryl Laucher | 02/14/15

Not all homes are built with screen doors these days.

Andrea Cayton | 02/13/15

If you store you screens in the garage and they got damaged during the winter, we can fix them for you.

Denise Hughes | 02/13/15

Retractable screens have a canister where the screen hides when it's not in use.

Alyssa Courcelle | 02/11/15

Some older homes have wooden frames on their screens. A pet guard screen will protect your window screens from being broken through by your pets.

Barbie Nichols | 02/09/15

If you don't like the look of screen doors but you really need them, let us install retractable screen doors for you. If you prefer to have solar screens on your home so you can save energy, we can do that for you.

Angelo Bagnoli | 02/08/15

Having retractable screen doors means you won't see them when they're not active.

George Arata | 02/06/15

Having patio screens installed can give you an extra room in the summer. We will take all the measurements and make custom screens for your doors and windows.

Alexia Smith | 02/06/15

Sometimes your pet gets over enthusiastic and breaks through your screen door.

Cheryl Slay | 02/06/15

If you want black mesh in your screens, we can do that for you.

Andrea Bartolo | 02/04/15

If you don't have a screen door on your patio sliding door, give us a call.

Dennis Bornhoft | 02/02/15

If the wind has blown out your screens, we can fix them for you.

Brenda Murla | 02/01/15

Pet lovers are special people who would do anything for their pets.

Carrie Sykes | 01/31/15

We can use any color screen frames and screening materials to give your home the look you want.

Brandy Martin | 01/30/15

Some people prefer to buy their screening material from us and make their own screens.

Cheryl Falkenstein | 01/30/15

We can match the screening materials to the style of your home.

Carina Vretman | 01/30/15

Having screens on your home gives you the option to open your doors and windows in the evening and get a breeze through your home.

Cherly Young | 01/28/15

We can make sliding screen window screens to replace the ones you have that are worn out.

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